‘ You can’t just have all the people trained as doctors to have innovative models; you need people with different experiences… Medicine should not be a constant structure or a dead structure, you should be learning as it is growing.’ – The Business Times Weekend, Sep 2015

  • First in the world to establish strong link between a blinding fungal infection with a contact lens solution that led to a world-wide withdrawal of the product, thus preventing international escalation of blindness.
  • First in the world to discover new genes for Glaucoma, and thus may lead to future preventative strategy that allows high risk patients to be screened early to prevent vision loss.
  • First in the world to identify a new optimal Atropine dose that balances between efficacy and safety, and slows myopia progression by almost 50% to 60%, translating to approx. $500M savings in annual direct cost.
  • First in the world to invent a new donor insertion device i.e. the Tan Endoglide for corneal transplant surgery, which has enhanced transplant success rates by >50%, and has been patented, licensed and sold worldwide.
  • First in Southeast Asia to perform the OOKP artificial cornea procedure on a 19-year-old Thai patient in 2004, using the boy’s own canine tooth to implant a plastic cornea into one eye. This procedure is clinically impactful as it restores sight in severe cases of blindness that previously had no therapeutic recourse.